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Legal services

10 keys of a successful partnership with JBI Group

  1. JBI Group has over 10 years of effective work experience with the leading companies of medium and large business in Rostov region and Southern Russia, as well as with foreign companies. We specialize in providing complex and comprehensive legal advice in the field of Corporate Law, Securities, Bankruptcy, Tax Planning, Investment consulting and Business Protection.
  2. JBI Groupconstantly strivesto find a better solution to a Client's problems. Qualification and experience of our consultants help todevelop and successfully implement unconventional approachesunder existing law.
  3. JBI Group features an integrated approach to managing Client projects. When necessary,we incorporate experts in finance, business management, audit and evaluation, and also provide PR-project maintenance.
  4. JBI Group is proud of its team. Among our staff there areconsultants leading education and research activities, and author seminars. Expert opinion of our consultants is appreciated in massmedia;our lawyers speak at professional conferences and business events. Several of ourjurists speak English.
  5. JBI Group has its corporate office in Moscow and a wide network of partners all over the country, which enables us to provide high-quality services regardless of the geographic location of the Client.
  6. JBI Group is a technology company. Optimization of business processes and project management through PSA ProjectMate saves time and money for our Clients.
  7. JBI Group guarantees Client confidentiality.We have professional liability insurance that protects our Group members.
  8. JBI Group is a leader in the regional rankings.For several years it has been one of the leading players in the civil market of legal services in Southern Russia.
  9. JBI Group actively sharesits practical experience and advice on business maintenance at our company seminars on tax and corporate law, bankruptcy. In addition, our Clients have access to unique analytical development on various legal issues.
  10. JBI Group makes every effort to prevent abuse by authorities and local self-government, including a corruption component byproviding comprehensive legal protection of the Client's business.